Eleanor Mulvaney Seamans is the principal and founder of the Glastonbury Company, a Waltham, Massachusetts based consulting firm that specializes in personal and corporate transformational learning. She has more than twenty years of experience as an educator, trainer and organizational consultant, working primarily with senior corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to translate vision into organizational effectiveness. Eleanor’s expertise lies in the understanding and communication of complex situations, which results in improved leadership and management of company resources. Using behavioral science principles in combination with emerging work in neurobiology, she partners with business leaders to harness the powers of intention, command and emotion to manifest targeted objectives.

Eleanor introduces her clients to the value of scenario planning and systems thinking in order to circumvent problems early on and increase the utility of resources. She helps entrepreneurial leaders understand the significant roles a firm’s leadership style and cultural dynamics play in achieving financial goals. By presenting business leaders with new frames of reference wherein intuitive and rational ideas are in greater balance, Eleanor has helped her clients begin the shift from a climate of simply managing change to an environment where change is viewed as a constructive force for building trust in the process of transformation. With the energy of new insights, behaviors become more goal focused thereby eliciting new strategies of achievement, and ultimately driving up revenues while managing costs carefully.

Eleanor frequently customizes a Personal Discipline Process (PDP) for individuals, pioneering the use of alternative medicine and meditation practices in business contexts, and her clients include Massachusetts Mutual, Lincoln Financial Advisors, Forrester Research, Inc. and Seamans Capital Management. She has worked with clients to improve selection and retention programs, increase market share through channel marketing programs, and to facilitate succession plans by implementing organizational models developed specifically for each situation. Over the years, Eleanor has also worked extensively in family owned firms where the role of emotional intelligence is a particularly powerful cultural component in creating productive organizations.

Eleanor has appeared as a featured speaker at conferences and seminars, speaking on business development, strategies for success, and innate leadership. Most recently she published a chapter, “Embracing Creative Tensions” in the book A Search for Purpose, compiled by Steven E. and Lee Beard. Before founding the Glastonbury Company in 1988, Eleanor was a director at New England Financial, an educator in the Brookline Public Schools, and an educational consultant. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from Emmanuel College in Boston and an M.S. in General Special Education from Simmons College in Boston. A frequent participant in the Harvard Medical School Continuing Program in Spirituality, she is a member of the Organizational Development Network, the Noetic Sciences Institute, and a consulting member of the Society for Organizational Learning.