The goal of the Public Sector Consortium’s Learning Programs is to create a world-class program of leadership and management learning that is relevant and accessible to leaders in federal, state, local government and public education systems. The Formal Learning Programs were designed through a partnership between public sector leaders, researchers and educators who have specialized in management and leadership practices. The Public Sector Consortium’s Learning Programs were expressly created to teach the essential skills and tools needed to be an effective public sector leader. Designed to mirror the reality of participants’ work environments, each program includes a series of learning objectives specifically tailored for the unique challenges faced in public sector workplaces.

The Learning Programs are grouped below into four themes in order to assist in navigating the myriad topics covered. Each of the programs can be designed and tailored to meet the needs of your organization. For further information on how to schedule one of these programs on site or to participate in the Community of Practice, please email

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The Public Sector Consortium has created a system of learning specifically tailored for public sector leaders. The Formal Learning Programs delivered on-site can be combined and reconfigured in length and sequence to best meet the needs of your employees and are part of an overall system of learning that includes the following Specialized Services:

On-Site Consulting

The Public Sector Consortium is happy to offer organizations multiple approaches to introducing essential leadership practices into their work setting. We work with leaders and human resource specialists to design tailored programs and retreats. Teams come together to address workplace challenges and learn new leadership tools and competencies at the same time. This direct application approach can be one of the most successful ways to integrate Systems Thinking, Facilitative Leadership, After Action Reviews and other skills into the workforce.

Coaching Services

The Public Sector Consortium believes that leadership capacity has to be developed at all organizational levels in order for the public sector to really thrive. To this end, the program Leadership Coaching for Peers… Building a Culture of Leadership was created to teach ongoing leadership practices and capability throughout an organization. Groups that do this shift the organizational paradigm from reactive to anticipatory, which is far more dynamic and productive.