The goal of the Public Sector Consortium’s Learning Programs is to create a world-class program of leadership and management learning that is relevant and accessible to Municipal, State  and Public Education leaders. The Formal Learning Programs were designed through a partnership between public sector leaders, researchers and educators who have specialized in management and leadership practices. The Public Sector Consortium’s Learning Programs were expressly created to teach the essential skills and tools needed to be an effective public sector leader. Designed to mirror the reality of participants’ work environments, each program includes a series of learning objectives specifically tailored for the unique challenges faced in public sector workplaces.

We have three categories of leadership learning programs: Team Learning and Application, Online Learning, and On-Site Formal Classroom programs.

Our premier Public Leadership Team Learning Program is entitled Leadership Matters.  The program is specifically designed for state and municipal public leaders and educators. Leadership Matters provides training in three phases. The program provides learning opportunities to teams of rising leaders who seek advanced management and leadership skills through classroom instruction, as well as the application of the skills learned to an “innovations project” in their own community. Finally they will participate in a ‘lessons learned’ conference to begin building a culture of collaboration and support across communities.

Online learning our newest offering Systems Thinking for Public Leaders in the Age of Contagious Disease….Lead preemptively to avoid crisis. This offering is designed as an introduction to the use of systems thinking skills to help Public Leaders act preemptively and avoid crisis and loss. This module will introduce you and your fellow leaders to the skills needed to map the current reality, educate the public (our partners) and lead preemptively to avoid major public health and economic crisis now and in the future. More information on this course can be found below.

A list of our On-Site Formal Classroom programs follows on this web page. During this pandemic we have suspended all formal on-site classroom learning.  

Team Learning Programs

Leadership Matters

The Leadership Matters program supports a new approach to democratic governance and sustainability in the United States. It promises new classroom learning opportunities, the application of skills to an innovations project (with professional support), and sharing of best practices with other municipalities and organizations. Perhaps most importantly, Leadership Matters develops leaders armed with the knowledge and skills of a new model of public leadership. Click here to learn more about this program.

Online Learning Program

Systems Thinking for Public Leaders in the Age of Contagious Disease…
Lead Preemptively to Avoid Crisis

This offering is designed as an introduction to the use of systems thinking skills to help Public Leaders to act preemptively and avoid crisis and loss. This learning experience focuses on Systems Thinking skills which are vital to the profession of Public Leadership and encourages your use of these skills in all aspects of your work. The focus of this program will be the application of Systems Thinking to the public health crisis we are experiencing today.

Since 1981 Public Leaders all over the world have dealt with AIDS, SARS, MERS, Ebola, Dengue Fever, Equine Encephalitis, Zika, tick borne illnesses, sexually transmitted diseases and new spikes in Measles and Tuberculosis. Given the changes in our planet, the growth of international travel, the easier transmission of disease from animals to humans and climate change public leaders will find themselves needing more advanced skills and more effective ways to use limited resources.

This Systems Thinking module will introduce you and your fellow leaders to the skills needed to map the current reality, educate the public (our partners) and lead preemptively to avoid major public health and economic crisis now and in the future.

Learning Objectives

  • work with colleagues and stakeholders to map the system which is producing your current reality
  • understand and share complex systems more effectively
  • Identify the underlying structures of the system and the rate of growth so you can effectively brief stakeholders
  • build the political support to act preemptively and avoid crisis completely or contain it quickly move from blame to understanding
  • invest resources at the highest point of leverage in the system to achieve the most effective desired outcomes
  • analyze the intended and unintended consequences of your decisions and plan to manage both

Pre-work Assignments

Prior to attending the course, and in order to participate meaningfully, you are expected to:

Coming soon

All the Public Sector Consortium programs are designed to ensure that you are introduced to each of the skills and have the opportunity to practice. Participation will require that participants have available:

  • access to a quiet space without interruptions  
  • a computer with access to a Zoom conference call
  • the ability to honor the timeline and return from breaks on time
  • access to paper, pen and post it notes
  • completed the pre-work

Participants will be asked to have their sound and visuals on throughout  the program.

You will do exercises in small groups with your colleagues throughout the program. Your ability to participate without interruptions will impact the quality of learning for you and your colleagues. The use of electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, other computers) throughout the program will be discouraged. You will have one 15-minute break during the program to check for emergency emails and calls. We ask that you do everything possible to protect the date and scheduled time for the full program.

After completion of the course, we ask that you take the opportunity to share your candid feedback with us:

Slide Deck

A trimmed-down version of the slide deck for this course will be made available here, and will be accessible by both alumni of the course as well as by the general public for their personal use. This content is copyrighted by the Public Sector Consortium except where otherwise stated, and the slide deck may not be redistributed without permission and attribution.

Contagious Disease Systems Thinking Maps

Classroom Learning Programs

The Learning Programs are grouped below into four themes in order to assist in navigating the myriad topics covered. Each of the programs can be designed and tailored to meet the needs of your organization. For further information on how to schedule one of these programs on site or to participate in the Community of Practice, please email

Click on the categories below to view program titles and links to full course descriptions, or click here for an alphabetical listing of the Public Sector Consortium’s Learning Programs.

Specialized Services

On-Site Consulting

The Public Sector Consortium is happy to offer organizations multiple approaches to introducing essential leadership practices into their work setting. We work with leaders and human resource specialists to design tailored programs and retreats. Teams come together to address workplace challenges and learn new leadership tools and competencies at the same time. This direct application approach can be one of the most successful ways to integrate Systems Thinking, Facilitative Leadership, After Action Reviews and other skills into the workforce.

Coaching Services

The Public Sector Consortium believes that leadership capacity has to be developed at all organizational levels in order for the public sector to really thrive. To this end, the program Leadership Coaching for Peers… Building a Culture of Leadership was created to teach ongoing leadership practices and capability throughout an organization. Groups that do this shift the organizational paradigm from reactive to anticipatory, which is far more dynamic and productive.