The success of Public Leadership Transition effects the capacity of the new leader to become a successful steward for the common good and partner with the organization. The productivity and morale of our public organizations are effected by how well these public leadership transitions take place. Responsibility for successful transitions rests with both the new leader and the welcoming employees.

In the public sector the new leader can be a political appointee but in most cases a new leader is the result of civil service promotions or transfers. In all of these cases your role as an employee with a new boss involves a series of very important competencies and skills that are necessary to a successful partnership built on trust and respect.

We have assembled a series of tips which we will add to over time. The tips are provided by seasoned public sector leaders who have developed protocols over decades of public service careers. These tips have proven successful track records.

We appreciate your thoughts and any ideas for additional tips which you feel are important to Leadership Transitions. Please email us at

We hope these tips will inspire you by providing models and stories that you can replicate or build on and help you and your organization to navigate the constantly changing landscape of the public sector.

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