bette_novakBette Novak is a professional with twenty-five plus years of leadership, management, supervision, performance, organizational development, and human resource consulting in both the public and private sectors. She is sought after for her extensive experience in designing federal executive leadership and coaching programs, including the hiring of qualified coaching staff and matching coaches with mid and upper-level managers. Her expertise includes curriculum design, adult training for federal executive development and coaching with special emphasis on different learning styles. She is a qualified organizational facilitator with extensive knowledge and experience working with diverse teams.

As an internal consultant working in the both the public and private sectors, Bette consulted and designed organization and performance interventions. She coached managers to implement reorganization plans and facilitated workforce transition into new team-based customer service oriented systems. She coached executive and senior leaders on how to assess and select organization development sources that would help them achieve their reinvention and reorganization goals. Her work with The U.S. Department of Education’s staff and program offices and The Fairfax County Government Department of Public Works and Environmental Services required her to coordinate environmental scans, facilitate strategic planning, design and strategic-planning retreats, conduct workflow analyses and present reports with recommended next steps.

Bette has comprehensive knowledge and capabilities in the fields of organization development, human resource development, human resource management and training, and extensive experience as an educator. Her ability to apply those methods and concepts to strategic corporate imperatives and goals has won her promotions and rewards. She held leadership and supervisory positions in regional and senior management in the hospitality, service and sales industries. In 1979, she was awarded the “Outstanding Merit Award” for service to the Atlanta community, and in 1989 she was awarded membership in the honor society Delta Epsilon Sigma. She has Master’s degrees in Education from Georgia State University and in Human Resource Management from Marymount University, and certificates in Organizational Development, (Georgetown University) Leadership Coaching, (George Washington University) and Coaching and Organizational Learning (George Mason University and Newfield Networks). In addition, she has worked extensively with the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) as an internal coach on demonstration projects in the government from 1997– 2003, and continues that work as a member of the leadership group. She co-authored “Ten Conditions for High Performing Organization’s” and “8 Roles that Managers Expect for HRD Professionals.” Bette maintains active membership in nationally known professional organizations in her field.

In 2003, Bette started her own business and is the owner and senior coach-consultant of LifePath Associates LLC (now officially known as LifePath Associates of Pennsylvania LLC). LifePath Associates LLC (LPA) is committed to the core belief that it can help leaders in business and government work together as partners to serve the public and promote a strong nation. LPA coaches and consultants are committed to being “key facilitators who bring tough questions, tools, models and best practices to their clients so they can help them create learning leaders and build high performing organizations that are resilient to the ever changing world and economies”. Bette provides additional expertise as a certified retirement coach, helping individuals, couples, and groups visualize and plan for the lifestyle they want to experience when they finally retire. She offers these services as a certified teleclass leader, an innovative way to learn at the client’s convenience by taking classes by phone.