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Earth Day 2021, Restore Our Earth

The Public Sector Consortium is a national non-profit which is dedicated to reinventing the practice of public leadership through “sustainable leadership practices”. These leadership skills and practices can be learned and applied by all public leaders. There is no better time to turn our attention to sustainability than April when we celebrate Earth Day on April 22. This year’s theme Restore Our Earth focuses on ways that we can green our planet.

You can learn more about this year’s Earth Day and activities here. If you have 5 minutes of time this video explains the history of Earth Day and could easily be used to start a staff meeting or in a classroom to remind people in your state, city or schools about the importance of Earth Day.

Earth day also brings to mind the Public Sector Consortium’s innovation projects from the Leadership Matters program of study and the systems maps created by municipal and state leaders. To see more click here and view the Climate Change Systems Maps and the Pandemic Systems Maps. These maps were created by municipal and state leaders to better understand the current reality of climate change and public health in their local communities.. Leadership Matters teams have worked on water treatment systems and installing energy efficient and cost saving streetlights. This work impacts quality of the spaces we live in and is proactive thinking on behalf of the planet.

During the pandemic many of us with our families and friends have spent more time enjoying the outdoors. We are following the new movement to create outdoor classroom spaces for students. It is an opportunity to bring our students closer to the natural systems we all depend on. Click here to learn more about Outdoor Classrooms.

The work of these leaders reminds us that preemptive and proactive action is often not rewarded in Public Leadership this Public Sector Consortium Article in Bloomberg News reminds us that we should look to leaders who are keeping us out of crisis, not to those who clean up after the fact. Maybe there is a public leader you’d like to acknowledge for doing just that next month. Public Leadership Appreciation week is May 3rd-9th don’t forget to thank those leaders.

If you’ve got time for a longer movie in 2020 David Attenborough came out with Life On Our Planet which in just over an hour. It does an exceptional job of discussing the threats and hopeful opportunities for our environment and urges us to take action now. We’re also taking a look at the book What Would Nature Do by Ruth DeFries professor of ecology and sustainable development at Columbia University which takes on topics of how nature reacts to human actions and highlights a path forward for the planet.

Public Sector Consortium can help you and your team develop sustainable leadership practices join us in the reinvention of government for the public good by taking a look at our resource library or joining us for an online class in systems thinking you can reach out to us at