Bette Zaslove Novak is a professional with twenty-five plus years of leadership, management, supervision, performance, organizational development, and human resource consulting in both the public and private sectors. She is sought after for her extensive experience in designing federal executive leadership and coaching programs, including the hiring of qualified coaching staff and matching coaches with mid and upper-level managers. Her expertise includes curriculum design, adult training for federal executive development and coaching with special emphasis on different learning styles. She is a qualified organizational facilitator with extensive knowledge and experience working with diverse teams.
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Eleanor Mulvaney Seamans is the principal and founder of the Glastonbury Company, a Waltham, Massachusetts based consulting firm that specializes in personal and corporate transformational learning. She has more than twenty years of experience as an educator, trainer and organizational consultant, working primarily with senior corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to translate vision into organizational effectiveness. Eleanor’s expertise lies in the understanding and communication of complex situations, which results in improved leadership and management of company resources. Using behavioral science principles in combination with emerging work in neurobiology, she partners with business leaders to harness the powers of intention, command and emotion to manifest targeted objectives. Click here to read Eleanor’s full bio.

Patricia Guard retired after twenty-seven years with the United States Department of Education where she spent most of her career as the Deputy Director of the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). During her tenure as a career senior executive, she provided leadership in transforming OSEP from a hierarchical organization into a team-oriented learning organization focused on shared vision and values. She served as Acting Director during eight changes in the political Director’s position. Patty is recognized for her extensive expertise in the competencies and skills needed for success during these transitions. She began her career working in a local school district, and upon moving to Washington was staff to the Committee on Education and Labor in the United States House of Representatives for eighteen months prior to joining the Department of Education. Click here for Patty’s complete bio.