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This is What’s Next – The Rhode Island Foundation

“Over the last several years, a new style of leadership has taken root in several Rhode Island communities.

“These public leaders rely on practiced skills like systems thinking, facilitative leadership, and performance measures, and they engage their constituencies and their workforces to achieve goals important to the entire community.”

Read the full article, written by James M. Ludes, PhD, online at The Rhode Island Foundation

In closing, Ludes notes:

“Leadership matters—but it’s not the top-down, directive style of leadership popularized in old war movies. Leadership today—and ever more so in the future—requires a commitment to service, a recognition that people depend on you for things big and small, and a willingness to see yourself in the lives of others—whether that’s your employee, your boss, or a single parent whose child has just been suspended from school. If, as a society, we find and reward leaders like that, the future will be brighter for all of us.”