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(Thrive Global) – Embracing the Current Reality: A Leadership Key to Achieving Greatness

Public Leaders educate and gain agreement on the unvarnished facts about the current reality.  A leader’s willingness to confront the current reality with co-workers and citizens is an act of respect. It is the only way to focus on the gap between where you are and where you want to go. Without this collective understanding and agreement achieving shared goals and making shared decisions is impossible.

“In today’s workplaces we encourage Public Leaders to take time to fully understand the workplace realities and the expectations of the people who depend on them. Some of the areas demanding our attention today are; backlogs in work due to the coronavirus, exhaustion levels of public servants and educators struggling to meet the needs of citizens during both health and environmental crises, changes in financial projections and changing directives on how to deal with the current pandemic. By not acknowledging our current realities and adjusting our sails accordingly, we threaten the sustainability of our public workforce and the ability of our governance systems to function.

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