Georgianna Bishop is the President of the Public Sector Consortium which is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting leaders create and sustain high performance public sector organizations. A primary focus of the work is to “reinvent the practice of public leadership for the public good.” The goal is to provide access to high quality, relevant, management and leadership learning opportunities. The work of the Consortium includes formal learning programs that are rooted in the practices of Organizational Learning, Facilitative Leadership and Sustainable Leadership practices. The Consortium also includes an ongoing Community of Practice which meets monthly as well as consulting/coaching support. Click here to read Georgie’s full bio.

Kirke Harper is chairman of the board of Public Employees Roundtable at the Council for Excellence in Government, a coalition of twenty-eight organizations who share a concern about the quality of public service in America. The Roundtable was formed more than twenty years ago to celebrate public service and to attract people to public service careers. The Roundtable sponsors Public Service Recognition Week, an annual celebration that takes place in cities across America and on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Click here to read Kirke’s full bio.

Elizabeth A. McDaniel of Washington, DC, is currently a Research Staff Member at the Institute of Defense Analyses in Alexandria, Virginia, where she contributes knowledge and perspectives on leadership, personnel, education and training, and organizational issues in government. Prior to her arrival in March 2012, she served at the Dean of Faculty and Academic Programs at iCollege of National Defense University for a dozen years. In this position she was responsible for the quality of the college’s interdisciplinary graduate-level curriculum, academic programs, faculty development, and scholarship related to Information Age government and leadership. Working with stakeholders she collaborated with faculty to provide educational programs and services to prepare senior leaders for today’s dynamic government environment. Click here to read Elizabeth’s full bio.

Pat Spitzig is a facilitator for organizational learning and she served for several years as the Co-Chair of the cross-government virtual team that was the predecessor of the Public Sector Consortium. She was a facilitator of organizational learning in the US Food and Drug Administration for five years and has thirty-two years of varied experience working for the F.D.A. in both headquarters and in the field. No one at the F.D.A. was more enthusiastic than Pat about the opportunity to bring organizational learning and systems thinking to bear on the Agency’s work. She facilitated working sessions and a workbook course, wrote and presented proposals for expansion of this work in the Center for Devices, and actively used the tools in her work and encouraged others to do so as well; she was even called the “Office Conscience.” Click here for Pat’s complete bio.

Dylan Zelazo